Diseases in India

Today we are talking about the top 10 killer disease in India. Many people think that people lost their lives in road accidents, natural disasters but the truth is many of the people lost their lives to the deadly disease. The natural disaster, road accidents are covered by the news channel and reporters. It makes people think that people have died more in accidents when compared to diseases. But the actual truth is many people lost their lives to the deadly disease. A lifetime of living will get reduce day by day. In the modern world, the disease is cured with the latest technology and medicines. But the cost of the medicine’s price was high the people with less income will not able to purchase it.

The top 10 Killer disease in India are listed below:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Respiratory Diseases
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. Malaria
  5. Strokes
  6. Diabetes
  7. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  8. Malignant and other tumors
  9. Diarrheal disease
  10. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

We will discuss in detail their causes, symptoms, and prevention methods of the disease in the future.


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